Into the Deep – Alkalinity, Acidity and Water

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Healthful Hints Water

Every single cell of our body runs on water. Cells are the bricks and mortar of our chemical makeup. Our respiratory and circulatory systems require water to function. The simple fact is without adequate hydration we would be dead. Could it be that the manifestation of disease symptoms is really your body’s cry for water? Of course, other aspects of health care also have to be considered if we are going to achieve optimal health?

The Water Solution
According to the World Health Organization for each pound of body weight you should drink half an ounce of water daily. Example: 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz. glasses and that’s how many glasses you will need to drink daily. Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks; these act as diuretics and will dehydrate you. Every 6 oz. of caffeine or alcohol requires an additional 10 to 12 oz. of water to re-hydrate your body.

Monitor your pH, checking both urine and saliva with test strips after fully detoxing. The ideal internal fluid pH is 7.365. The lower the reading, the more acid your body is and the more difficult it is for it to repair itself because it is then in a degenerative state. You will find that in most cases, people with cancer and other terrible health challenges are very acidic. But, of course, there are foods you need to select for proper pH. That’s why the thrust at Hippocrates Health Institute is organic 100% raw food, which is perfect for alkalizing the body. You will be amazed at how acid soda, coffee, tea and beer are when you check them with litmus paper. Likewise check the worst and best foods with litmus paper so you understand how important it is to eat properly.

What is the best water to drink?
According to over 60 years of research that has been carried out by the Japanese it is ionized water.  They have shown that drinking water with a pH of 9.1 to 9.3 is the best therapy you can give your body. This pH means that the water is alkaline and can be used by our bodies to relieve some of the stress created by an acidic situation. The ionized water also has additional hydroxyl (OH-) molecules that function in the body as a liquid anti-oxidant. It has been proven in recent years that anti-oxidants are very beneficial for our health as they neutralize free radicals.

Wheatgrass & Living Foods

Healthful Hints Water

One of the most effective ways of ensuring you drink alkaline water is by using a water ionizer, as used at Hippocrates Health Institute in the Oasis Therapy Center. A water ionizer produces a high pH water to assist the body in balancing the pH of the fluids within the body. It is a natural way to detox on a daily basis. In fact a water ionizer produces two types of water at the same time – alkaline water, known as antioxidant water and acidic water, known as cleansing water. Yes, as mentioned above, the alkaline water becomes a very powerful antioxidant to fight the excess free radical cells causing many of the problems in degenerative disease. The antioxidant water produces more oxygen for the body to use effectively. Oxygenation cannot be emphasized enough; that’s why oxygen therapy plays a major role in the therapies at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

The second water produced by the machine, the cleansing water, is used to clean everything; the body, surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom plus floors. The cleansing water has become a powerful antibacterial and it’s great for burns and all types of wounds.  Research has shown that bacteria are destroyed on contact, even Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and the most virulent strains of E. coli.

Tap water is initially filtered through the machine’s 1 micron fibrous carbon filter. The filter provides a defense against the barrage of toxins added to our water by industry and our population, which ends up in our water supply. Many choose to add the Ionizer as the last stage, after their existing water cleaning system. Can you believe there can be up to 350 separate chemicals and adverse substances found in tap water?

Conditions the antioxidant alkaline water can assist:
• Over-acidity within the body (acidosis)
• High blood pressure and poor blood circulation
• Digestion problems such as IBS
• Recurring indigestion
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis and achy joints
• Migraines, headaches and nausea
• Indigestion
• Diarrhea and constipation
• Recurring cystitis
• Allergies including hay fever
• Treat fungal disease on the body such as athlete’s foot

Potential treatments for the cleansing acidic water:
• Blotchy, rough, cracked and dry skin
• Acne
• Rashes
• Eczema
• Psoriasis
• Burns
• Wounds including open wounds
• Mouth sores and ulcers
• Blisters
• Insect bites
• Alternative to soaps and wash creams – It’s a natural astringent so use it to cleanse the skin instead of or in combination with  your favorite soaps (especially on the face).

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