A Light Enhanced Diet to Colorfully Light the Way

The psychological and therapeutic influence of color is an ancient art of healing, and science today continues to re-explore its potential. There is evidence of belief in the power of colors in Ancient Egyptian times, where houses were built with colored panes of glass in the roof, through which the sun could shine and “treat” the patient sitting inside. The wearing of colored silks according to the disorder in question was also practiced, allowing the patient to sit in the direct sun.

Color light therapy is the art of introducing specific frequencies of light into the aura to address many aspects of us. Color is actually energy and illuminates more than what appears before our eyes. This intangible commodity colorizes nature around us, but also

brings to life our inner world comprised of trillions of cells. Each self-contained cell relies on this vitalLife Transformation Program resource for its internal communication network, function and so on. An advanced method of this energy-based modality is known as color harmonics. It is based on the premise that specific colors paired with geometrical shapes have restorative properties for physical/emotional/spiritual imbalances.

Color harmonics involves focusing colored lights on acupuncture points and other reflex zones on the body, in order to activate the healing pulses of energy inherent in the body. The intent when directing the light is to release emotional and unresolved memory, which Light Enhanced Diet may be at the root of energetic imbalances and ill health. This is designed to replicate the natural absorption of color from light, to supply what we may be lacking to keep our bodies and minds in balance. This form of energy may activate consciousness and personal insight to hopefully support the unfolding of our innate knowledge of self-healing. Support a healthy lifestyle with a light enhanced diet, alongside fruits and vegetables that contain this vital energy from the sun. The deepest healing comes from living our lives in accordance with our truth and our potential, and perhaps color light can open these gateways into our true nature.

*No medical claims are made or implied. Color light therapies are non-diagnostic, non-invasive and compliment most integrative practices in the healing arts.

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