Do One Easy Thing

Raise your hand if you’re having trouble keeping up with your health raw lifestyle. Look around. You’re not alone. It happens to the most inspired and well-intentioned of us, and plays out pretty much the same every time.

While we’re at Hippocrates Health Institute, where someone is lavishly feeding us, green_juicemaking juices for us, where someone else washes the dishes and dismantles the juicer for a good cleaning, it’s easy to do “the raw thing.”

We leave with cookbooks, seeds, kitchen gadgets and lots of healthy energy and good intentions. Then it happens – that thing called “life-out-there.” Schedules that are not our own, social events with dead food galore, travel obligations, limited time or money, eventually sap us of the energy we need to keep the raw wheel rolling smoothly.

The downward spiral begins. The less high-energy living foods we eat, the less energy we have to prepare, plan and organize our days around a healing lifestyle.

Time goes by, guilt sets in and we drift farther and farther away from our goals, like a little boat without a

Worse than that, we are totally convinced that we are the ONLY ones who have failed at this and glide further down the slippery slope of despair.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, there is hope. This has happened to many of our local gurus at one time or another. All you need is a bit of love (the self kind) and a good dose of forgiveness. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over, again…


That’s all, just one. Not too scary, eh? Take stock and decide what the most daunting thing is for you right now – the thing that has grabbed on to your leg and is dragging along behind you, preventing you from moving forward with ease.

Is it the fact that you haven’t been having your green juices lately and you’re feeling lousy? Do you feel that the raw food recipes are too complicated? Have you run into resistance trying to get the rest of your family into veggie mode? Is it your lagging exercise program, your desk covered in unpaid bills, or your grueling inner voice that has turned into a toxic tyrant, reminding you throughout your day that you’ve failed?

Fear not!.. We have a remedy. And here is the prescription: Just do one easy thing. Instead of seeing the overwhelming number of things you have failed miserably to do, see instead a little picture of peace, grace and happiness that you can relate to. Relish one small accomplishment daily – one loving gesture towards yourself that will give you a spark. Once you get that spark going, the fire of passion and conviction can begin to burn again, and you float on that swell of energy until you return to a place of balance and vitality.

So, what could that first easy thing be? The most basic (and simplest) of all is your juicing. Are you avoiding making those fresh juices because you can’t seem to get all those fresh sprouts to add to ultimate-green-juiceyour green drinks every day? Get over it. Pull that juicer out again! If you can’t follow the recipe perfectly every day, do the next best green thing and get that juice into you anyway.

Here’s an easy recipe: juice 1 cucumber, 3 sticks of celery, 1 large kale leaf and a handful of parsley and spinach; and for an extra shot of zing, add a clove of garlic or an inch of ginger. When you’ve juiced it all into a beautiful emerald elixir, add the juice of ½ lemon. Dee-lish!

Make it even more special by pouring it into one of those fancy wine glasses you don’t use anymore. Give a toast to life, love and freedom, and then sip your green treat slowly as you feel the living liquid energy revitalize your every cell.

Get creative, add some variety to your juicing, and you’ll discover all sorts of new ways to get your volumes of veggies each day.

Try to take away the paralyzing notion that it has to be perfect. Remember there is room for trial and error … and laughter, room to grow, and room to fit it all into your unique situation, place and body. Do your best, love yourself for it, and you’ll see that your best will become even better with time. One easy thing will then become many easy things, and soon your vibrant living lifestyle will be right back on track again.

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