Numerous benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts

With all the media coverage of acai and goji berries, it is not surprising that some of the more humble.

Reviewing their health benefits. No food has been ignored than the humble alfalfa sprout. Hippocrates-Health-Institute-SproutsThough not the most glamorous or in-vogue or all super foods, it is an essential part of any raw food diet, and brings numerous benefits to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Alfalfa sprouts were thought to have originated in Iran, and were used by the ancient Romans and Greeks to feed livestock. However, far from being animal fodder, these sprouts have taken on a much different role in raw food dieting today. Consumption of this plant, which thrives in temperate climates, is known to bring a number of benefits to the human body.

The sprouts are known to have a role in fortifying blood cells, relaxing the nervous system and easing unsettled stomachs. Alfalfa sprouts are also thought to have a role in preventing or even treating stomach and throat cancer, and as an expectorant, the Hippocrates_Health_Institute_alfalfa_sproutsprouts also help in treating whooping cough (pertussis). Those who wish to conceive can also find use of the alfalfa sprout, with the plant thought to promote fertility among women.

Alfalfa sprouts are very easy to grow, and can be produced in as little as three to five days. To grow your very own sprouts, firstly soak two tablespoons of seeds in water for six hours, then drain the water. Rinse the seeds, and then drain once more. Next, leave the sprouts in an area with good sunlight, and rinse the seeds in water twice a day for up to seven days. Two tablespoons of seeds will yield two cups of sprouts, meaning that you will require minimal effort to start enjoying the benefits of your own home-grown alfalfa!..

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