Bean sprouts: An excellent source of energy

In today’s busy world, the health-conscious are increasingly looking at easy ways to keep healthy. However, in this quest for quick fixes, we often lose sight of simple ways to keep healthy by consuming simple foods, such as through a raw diet. Living foods such as bean sprouts are an excellent source of energy, require little effort to produce, and are an excellent way to kick start any raw diet.

Bean sprouts were first cultivated in the Far East, and still find their place in many Asian cuisines today. Popular in China, Japan and southeast Asia, bean sprouts are great stir fry Bean sprouts (1)ingredients, but can also be eaten raw.

The health benefits of bean sprouts are numerous, but the most beneficial effects for an otherwise healthy individual is that they are a great source of energy. Consuming bean sprouts can dispel feelings of malaise, and are a great way to ‘pep up’ after a long day. In addition, bean sprouts can also help prevent a number of cancers, such as breast cancer, and can be helpful for men with prostate problems and other glandular disorders. Men with premature balding may also derive benefits from bean sprouts, as can those experiencing gray hairs.

It is easy to produce your own bean sprouts from the comfort of your own home. First, Bean sprouts (2)soak half a cup of seeds in warm water for eight hours, or overnight. Drain the water and then rinse with warm water. Next, leave the sprouts to grow with an eight-pound weight on top for approximately five days, ensuring that you rinse them twice daily throughout. Following this process for just half a cup of seeds can yield up to five cups of bean sprouts, meaning that one does not have to complete this process often to gain the benefits of bean sprout consumption.

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