Fun Facts Friday !!!…..

Young Green Organic Coconut Water:

There is nothing like a young green coconut to quench your thirst! It is a natural way to Greenboost electrolytes which may be lost during exercise, sweating or fluid loss of any kind. Re-balancing your electrolytes will benefit your energy level, your heart, your skin, your digestion and even your metabolism. Coconut water also has natural vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and cytokinins (plant hormones that have an anti aging and anti cancer effect on our bodies). The water is so similar to human plasma that it was given in IVs during the Pacific War and saved many lives. This amazing natural elixir will truly rejuvenate you in every sense of the word.

You will want to have:

  • An organic young green coconut (no more than 5 months old)
  • a metal coconut opener (You can find them on line and they make opening your coconut quick and easy!)
  • A straw (Glass straws are reusable!)

Coconut water is quite refreshing when cooled. You can put the coconut in the refrigerator before opening, or open it and pour the water in a glass and store it in the refrigerator for drinking later.

 You simply pop off the top by prying it off with the opener and then stick the pointy edge of the opener down into the tender center and rotate the opener in a complete circle. Then you just lift out the core and you have a perfectly circular opening to put in a straw and enjoy a super hydrating, thirst quenching and delicious drink.

Healthy is so fun!…


All Natural Body Butter:

Shea butter, with its moisturizing, anti inflammatory and anti aging properties, is a super Ice-creamfood for hair and skin! It is made from the nut of the shea fruit which grows on the Karite tree in Africa. Because of the abundance of the tree and the way in which it is farmed, it is one of the most sustainable butters available. Among the support it offers the skin and hair with its high fatty acid and vitamin A & E content, it also contains cinnamic acid which protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It doesn’t clog pores and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. It is the perfect compliment to any skin or hair product you may want to create! (Just make sure its unrefined or raw so that it maintains its therapeutic qualities.)

 All Natural Body Butter:

  •  1 C. pure unrefined Shea Butter
  •  1 C. organic cold pressed coconut oil
  •  5 drops of your favorite organic essential oil (optional)

 Place all ingredients in the blender and process until smooth.

Place mixture in refrigerator until solid.

 Whisk the cooled mixture until it softens and place in a jar.

 Store in a cool place.

 Healthy is so fun!…

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