Fun Facts Friday !!!…..

Hippocrates LifeGive Chlorella:

Did you know that chlorella is a single celled green algae that is found in fresh water?  It LifeGive Chlorellahas trace elements and minerals not found in land based food and is about 50% protein. Its unique make up of nutrients helps to strengthen the immune system, regulate blood sugar, combat the effects of radiation, remove heavy metals like mercury and contribute to overall well being. It can even help to correct dysfunction in our DNA which can prolong life.  It is truly a super food!

•    cultivated with care
•    the tough cell walls are broken down to increase digestibility
•    only natural methods used to maintain nutrient levels
•    easy to swallow little tablets
•    available in our very own Hippocrates Health Institute store!

Healthy is so fun!…

SeparatorWalnut Tacos:

Go walnuts!  Did you know that walnuts are  considered “hair food”?  That’s because they Walnut Tacoscontain biotin (B-7) which helps strengthen your hair, reduce hair loss and improve hair growth! On top of that, walnuts are packed with fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids which are all nutrients that help to reduce stress and care for your heart. These little nuts that seem to resemblea brain have also been shown to improve sleep, help prevent diabetes and dementia, improve fertility and even support mothers-to-be in giving birth to children with healthy immune systems.  Here’s an easy way to enjoy them raw :

You will want to have:
•    3 C. Organic Walnuts (soaked overnight, rinsed and dehydrated)
•    1-2 Cloves organic Garlic
•    2 T. Organic Chilli  Powder
•    1/4 tsp. Organic Cayenne
•    1 Tsp. Braggs Aminos
•    Romaine or collard leaves

Then you combine all these ingredients in a food processor and pulse until the walnuts are just the right size for you.

Now you simply take these heart healthy nuts and put them in the center of your romaine or collard leaf, add whatever other toppings you like, roll it up and enjoy!

Healthy is so fun!…..

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