Fun Fact Friday

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be a great way to dress your homemade living food salad!  It contains polyphenols which are a type of antioxidant than can help protect your cells from fridaydamage and some of them even have anti inflammatory properties.  It has compounds which help to restore the lining in your blood vessels and destroy viruses which enhances your cardiovascular and immune system.

Quality Olive Oil: 

•    Make sure it is Extra Virgin.  That tells you that it comes from the first pressing of the olive and that the oil has been extracted without using heat or chemicals.
•    It’s best if the oil is contained within dark glass to prevent light from oxidizing it.
•    Keep it away from heat which can reduce its benefits.
•    The fresher the better.  Look for a harvest date on the bottle.
•    Use it moderately for the greatest health benefits.
•    You can find a high quality organic version in our own Hippocrates Health Institute store.


Have you gotten your sunlight today?  Sunlight increases our metabolism and our fridaycirculation which helps get things moving inside of us. It also helps to regulate our rhythms which means we sleep better and our moods are better.  Because it promotes Vitamin D within our bodies, our bones, our eyes and our immune system get a super boost as well. Here in Florida we are so lucky to be able to step outside and feel the warmth and reap the benefits of our very own star!

Here I Come Sunlight: 

•   Try to spend 20-30 minutes outdoors everyday
•  Good sun times are before 9:00am, 1 1/2 -2 hours before sunset or 10 minutes at midday
•   Try not to over expose yourself to the sun
•   Cover the sensitive parts of your body
•   Avoid directly looking at the sun

Healthy is so fun !!…

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