Family Food Preparation

Practical questions arise when you decide to adopt a new healthy lifestyle such as “How should I prepare food for my family?” As you begin striving for a healthier routine in your personal life, it’s important that you don’t try to convince everyone in your household that you have discovered the best way of eating and try to convert each one of them. Instead, Mother And Kid Preparing Healthy Food And Having Funquietly make the changes in your own life that you are committed to for your own health and bring your family into the program in small steps each day.
Here are some easy ways to do so:

1. Remove the most dangerous foods from your kitchen. These include foods high in complex fats and protein, sugar, salt, and chemical additives (including isolated vitamins and mineral supplements). Also, get rid of alcohol and vinegar. Replace these with the “healthier” products now available in health markets. Remember to take small steps at first. Instead of sugary fruity cereal, try organic grain cereal. Instead of ice cream, try frozen fruit bars.

2. Don’t stock up on the unhealthy foods that your family is unwilling to do without. Let a few days go by before you replenish the cabinet. As you wean them from these items, increase the number of healthier bio active foods available to them. The key is not to make them feel deprived, but rather to introduce them to healthier alternatives gradually. Slowly replace refined grain products with whole grain products; dairy milks, cheeses, and yogurts with low fat almond, rice, and soy varieties; white potatoes with sweet potatoes Woman grocery shopping with her kidand yams; and highly sugared desserts with fresh fruit cocktails or Banana “Ice-Cream” with Carob Date Sauce. (see this week’s recipe)

3. Replace more hazardous methods of cooking, such as microwaving and frying, with dehydrating, steaming, and baking.

4. Make the centerpiece of every dinner a mixed salad of sprouts and various in-season vegetables (especially the green leafy ones).

5. Experiment with making salad dressings and sauces using avocado, soaked nuts, or sprouted beans as the base.

6. Prepare at least one Hippocrates style recipe for yourself at every meal. (This should add no more than 15 minutes to your preparation time.) Let your family see these foods and offer them a taste.

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