Stocking Your Kitchen

From the HHI Garden:

The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits and vegetables. Organic farming practices are designed to make food more nutritious and not contaminated with harmful chemicals. Organic farming practices also encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution.

Farmers who grow organic produce don’t use conventional methods to fertilize their plants, control insects, pests, plant disease or weeds. For example, rather than using chemical fertilizer and pesticides, organic farmers may use compost to feed the plants and plant-basedbeneficial insects such as ladybugs to keep insects at bay. At the Hippocrates Health Institute Organic Farm on our campus, for example, we use worm castings as a natural fertilizer and organic milk as a natural fungicide.

Although store-bought organic vegetables have today been altered by inconsistency in laws around the globe, as well as soil that has been depleted of the nutrients it once had, they are still a far better choice than the chemically-ridden, disease-causing variety from commercial agriculture. To date, genetic modification of organic produce has not been allowed and, in the field of environmental science and legitimate medicine, there is no debate on the cancer causing and hormone altering effect of pesticide, fungi and genetically engineered foods. For six decades, Hippocrates has only served and grown highly nutritious plant-based food and we encourage everyone who follows the Hippocrates’ lifestyle to choose organic.

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