From Crohn’s Disease to Healing

A Testimony from the Heart:

At age twenty, I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), also known as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, a deadly affliction. The pain and suffering that come with this disease are intolerable. I felt an urgent need to have a bowel movement many times throughout the day without warning.

Upon receiving the IBD diagnosis, I was told that I was at high risk for colon cancer and to anticipate a lifelong relationship with this incurable malady. The physician’s remedy was a barrage of prescription medications with horrific side effects. Feeling trapped, I searched Healing-1endlessly for a way out, to no avail. This caused mental, emotional, and physical stresses that only increased the intensity of the disease. I was a mess and getting worse and worse.

After exhausting every available treatment (other than surgical removal of my colon, which doctors told me was the only true cure), I concluded that stress might be part of the cause. So thirteen years ago I left Wall Street and moved to South Florida. I adopted a vegan diet, and that, combined with my new locale, was of great assistance to my health.

Eventually, I participated in the three-week Hippocrates Program. I quickly became amazed at how these raw living foods that were healing me so rapidly were the same ones at the top of the list of foods that every doctor had advised me to avoid. I will never forget when I first arrived at Hippocrates Health Institute and saw a lady walking very slowly with crutches, Healthy green vegetablesseeming very sick. Three weeks later, I did a double take when I spotted the same lady jogging. It was right then that I realized we should not live to eat but rather eat to live.

When I first started the program, I experienced ups and downs, but I made it through. The longer I lived this way, the easier it became. I have now been living the Hippocrates lifestyle for thirteen years, and it is so simple to me now that it’s second nature. When I tell people about the program and the healing powers of raw living foods, they still badger me asking for proof. As I continually state, science fully supports this dietary choice, but my own experience of transformation from hopelessness to healing is far more convincing.

—Paul Nison, South Florida

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