The Power of a Woman

An excerpt from the recently released book from Dr. Anna Maria Clement:

I had the privilege of being born in a rural town in Sweden, a socially advanced country with a down to earth atmosphere. This gave me a practical outlook about health and well-being. My family provided a secure home and the freedom to explore my interests – aDr. Anna Maria Clement life created for me as a gift of love. This safety and feeling of belonging has always been with me wherever I am and whatever situation I encounter. My stable and structural childhood consistently supports my personality of strength, patience, and leadership.

My dad was an entrepreneur and my mom was a housewife; I have one younger brother. I played the violin and enjoyed family musical gatherings with my father who plays the accordion. I lived my life with the motto to “find your calling” and to stick to it because you should never quit. Since I had such a solid, resolute, responsible, strong, and supportive background, I can say, it enables me to successfully solve problems.

Dr. Anna Maria Clement-1

Three Generations from the Clement Family

My work affords ongoing opportunities to conduct global conferences and media interviews. The media suppresses so much of what a woman is, urging women to “just stay young and pretty” by poisoning ourselves with sweet fragrances loaded withchemicals that are placed on our bodies, in our clothes, etc., making us toxic. We become sexual objects, rather than the significant pillar of strength, power, kindness, and care that inherently personifies our gender.

Women are often portrayed as dainty and weak, even though we endure pain at many levels. Our emotions are heightened due to estrogen (which enhances discomfort) and stress (which frames and expands painful experiences). Additionally, our bodily burdens of noxious waste and acidity, intensify our discomfort neurologically. My four decades of experience – starting in Europe, and, since the 1980s at Hippocrates Health Institute – has taught me that serene environments, bodily detoxification, and authentic emotional work often permanently reduces or eliminates pain. Becoming women – the onset of menstruation – is often our first brush with the inner workings of our anatomy. Bearing children, menopause, emotional maternal obstacles, etc., all are unique to the feminine persona. All of these natural-occurring stages of life’s normality can be vitaminsembraced when we gracefully accept what a gift it is to be a powerful woman. We hold the keys to humanity’s future.

We need to see the big picture if we wish to change our lives instead of only the details. Once we have the vision, then we can take the first baby steps toward finding our niche and being healthy. For example, I am now focusing my efforts on a project to educate women about using breathable, natural, chemical-free fabrics. Natural-fabric products, especially bras, are superior to synthetic clothing that suffocates the skin, and they support the environment and greater health. I am dedicated to offering healthy options for young women to feel free and supported, literally and figuratively. We have a vision of a great future. We all want healthy lives.

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