Hippocrates Health Institute Testimonial by Jane Li March 30th, 2015

Testimonial by Jane Li                                                                            March 30, 2015

Hippocrates Health Institute Testimonial

Jane at Hippocrates Health Institute

The first time I came to Hippocrates Health Institute was in the end of January 2014, it was three months after I finished my conventional breast cancer treatment.

After I went through diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, my body became very weak and fragile. With a great desire for regaining health, I embarked on the quest of searching for a cure and that led me to Hippocrates Health Institute.

I still remember the state of my mind and my body on my first Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute, on one hand I was nervous, hesitated, skeptical, and on the other hand I was hopeful. I came with a wig that not only covered my bald skull but also my heart, I felt that I was beaten not only physically but also emotionally by the treatments I had gone through. As a professional businesswoman I have always had a hectic life like a high speed running vehicle, the diagnosis came as a surprise in a way it served as a break to it.

I have to say Hippocrates Health Institute changed my life all for the better. When people back home ask me about Hippocrates Health Institute and raw vegan diet that I learned to adopt, to appreciate and to practice, I tell them it is more than just the food, it is about reconnecting with my emotions, my physical body and my entire being. All I have experienced at Hippocrates Health Institute, the wonderful staff led by Brian and Anna Marie Clement, the therapies, the environment, made me emotionally feel so much love, encouragement and support, and physically feel so much stronger with each visit I make. I am no longer fragile as I am getting stronger everyday both emotionally and physically. Coming to Hippocrates Health Institute has been a spiritual experience for me.

This spiritual experience brought me to the present moment, to make me realize what is the most important thing in life: the true purpose of living. When I got my first diploma for graduating from the Life Transformation Program, I said at my graduation that it was the most important diploma I have ever received in my life. When one loses health one loses everything, Hippocrates Health Institute has given me a new hope for living with a healthy lifestyle, the day I took off my wig I also opened my heart, what grows back on me is not only new hair, but also new hope and belief. This new hope and believe led me back to Hippocrates Health Institute for more visits and will also lead me to attend the Health Educator Program at Hippocrates Health Institute this coming Fall. Hippocrates Health Institute has changed my life and has taught me so much, my gratitude for Hippocrates Health Institute is far beyond my words can express.

What makes me joyful and grateful is now I can use what I learned from Hippocrates Health Institute to help people. I can truly say from my heart that by coming to Hippocrates Health Institute I have learned to accept and embrace my diagnosis as the best gift I have ever received, it was not a mere chance that I got cancer but I got it for a reason and for a purpose. I now view it as a facilitator for healing myself and also for enabling me to help people in need with what I have learned from Hippocrates Health Institute, and I will carry it as I embark on a life long journey spreading The Hippocrates Health Institute Program and transforming the world, because I truly believe the Hippocrates Health Institute Program is the answer for a happy life.

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