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Getting Back to the Basics of Green

Hippocrates Health Institute Sprouts

Sprouts at Hippocrates Health Institute

Presently we are in midst of a global green trend. Everywhere we hear the mantra, be green, eat green, live green, etc. While it might seems like something new to many people, in essence “green” simply means living naturally. At Hippocrates Health Institute “green” encompasses true super foods from a multitude of natural sources: from the ground there is vegetation, sea vegetables abundantly found in the oceans, and in fresh water in the form of algae. In sourcing optimum nutrition Hippocrates Health Institute embraces the consumption of wheatgrass juice, sunflower and pea sprouts and juice, sprouts, dark leafy greens, algae, and seaweed, much of which is organically grown, locally on Hippocrates’ 50-acre campus.

Humans as mammals are designed by nature to consume vegetables. As mammals go, the majority consumes a raw diet of grasses and leafy greens. Humans are the only mammal that cooks its food and one of only a few mammals that eat other animals. The most common defense to eating meat is for its protein content. In truth the best quality proteins to sustain health comes from the vegetable kingdom in the form of sprouted beans and seeds, nuts, algae, grains and grass (wheatgrass juice), which we encourage at Hippocrates Health Institute as part of our wellness program. In fact approximately 85% of mammals consume only greens, and they tend to be the largest and strongest in the animal kingdom, and where do they get their protein? Plants!

Hippocrates Health Institute first discovered the power of greens, in particular grass 50 years ago when its founder Ann Wigmore was searching for a means to overcome a chronic illness. Ms. Wigmore observed how Cows obtained all their muscle, strength and power solely from grass. Ann returned to perfect health after some weeks of chewing on grass and spitting out the fibers. She began to experiment on different types of grasses and found that wheatgrass while providing optimal nutrition also tasted the most palatable.

Hippocrates Health Institute Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass at Hippocrates Health Institute

Since its founding over 50 years ago Hippocrates Health Institute has learned a great deal of information into the healthful properties of wheatgrass and raw vegetables. Chlorophyll, which is abundant in all dark leafy greens, increases the body’s blood quality allowing more uptake of oxygen into the cells, and since plants also contain large quantities of oxygen, we can absorb it more effectively and in greater quantity. Nowadays with oxygen levels becoming less in the air we breathe, especially in cities (where most of the worlds’ populations live), we all need to find ways to increase oxygen levels and oxygen quality. Oxygen plays an important role in our cells, reducing the risk of cancers and virus infection.

As part of our Life Transformation Program at Hippocrates Health Institute we encourage the consumption of wheatgrass juice, green sprouts, and green juices that promotes ones body to self-regulate its state of wellness. Complementary to these super foods Hippocrates also supports internal cleansing (detoxing and alkalizing) and exercise. Hippocrates Health Institute promotes a lifestyle where the foundation of your diet consists of plants. Green plants first receive energy from the sun giving them life, and when we consume these living foods we benefit from this ‘living vibrational energy’ together with pure oxygen. Our cells are literally craving for clean oxygen, so go ahead and treat yourself to leafy greens, wheatgrass and sprouts today! You can simply start by growing your own at home, it’s that easy! Learn to listen to your heart, as it contains more answers than your head. Love deeply and love yourself, and remember – it’s all about the greens!


Spirit in Your Life

Dogma, ritual and rhetoric have confused the issues of spirituality in our lives. Too often, our time for contemplation and openness is spent on studying rules, regulations, and interpretations of the theories that others have conjured up. Many spend inordinate amounts of time searching for the true meaning rather than living life itself. This syndrome has been manufactured through the way that spirituality has been presented to us. Religion, which is credited with the establishment of civilization, has often been the very center of why we individually do not find our greatest purpose. Community is a necessity and spiritual organizations play a major role in formulating this vital arena. We must never forget that for community and society to further itself we as people must open up our possibilities to greater spiritual practice.

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Practice is not that which we do on a regular basis but that which we do to discover and employ more open potential. True freedom of spirit can only be achieved through the sow but sure evolving process, which allows our burdens and handicaps to become that of the past. When these anchors, which prevented a larger view, are gone, we can see much more through the eyes of our hearts. Your heart is the birthplace of spiritual thought and your head can be the enforcer of spiritual practice. Too often the second is where we stumble, and our instinctual feeling of acceptance is halted at the implementation point of thought and action. Reflecting back this intellectual process can be caused, partially or fully by the dogma, ritual and rhetoric that organized “spiritual dispensers” formulated. In no way can we suggest that organizational religion is without merit. And in no way can we suggest that many participants have not found a way to put true spirit into practice. In all cases where this occurs, those individuals have grown from the community and created their own understanding through true reflection.

Here at Hippocrates Health Institute for nearly half a century out mission has been to guide the individual into her/his highest purpose. In doing so it has been a voyage of discovery where continually new doors are opened and greater understandings manifest themselves. Diet being that which can ignite your biological chemistry to harbor a clean and strong instinct and intellect is fundamental in spiritual pursuits. The acceptance of the body through exercise, employing the organs and releasing debris, strengthening the structure and muscle through resistance training, brings one the healthy vehicle, which allows the spiritual process to fully reside.

The mind, which is not only the mechanics of the brain but all bodily activities including hormones, cells, and organs harmonizing together to create those images that we structure our beliefs, experiences, realities and actions through can be placed on a pure track to healthy spiritual action when, ad only when, we no longer need discipline of thought. These three fundamental processes, which have been here from the beginning of humanity, are greatly overlooked in the pursuit of spirit and life. Interestingly enough, in Life Transformation Programthe study of religion there have been enormous efforts made to guide people into the development of physical and mental harmony. Any serious seeker of her/his higher purpose must relish the importance of body-mind elements to fully gain their own desired spiritual result.

Over the last several decades’ western culture, with all of our creature comforts and loss of direction, has finally acknowledged that we are confused and are now on a pilgrimage to find ourselves again. In this pursuit there are many offering the quick resolve to our spiritual dilemma. One must understand that all theology is the perception and pursuit of those dispensing this guidance. When we become astute in our own quest to find purpose and reason we are like the shopper who reads all of the labels, gains all of the insight and then assembles their own product. Anyone who discourages this freedom of the personal spirit is the opposite of a spiritual thinker. We must not get caught up in commercialized spirituality. In fact our goal should be to find the essence of spirit no matter what vehicle it arrives in. Human experience has historically given us the perception that all is problematic and inevitably faulty. When developing the sense of strength that spiritual living brings, your perception will change and you will realize that all has its inherent wisdom and we can harvest inspiration from these experiences.

Hopefully, you are in the process of self-improvement with the ultimate goal being to become part of a greater purpose. This is Spirituality. Not for the reason of gaining higher understanding or greater prestige but for the reason of fulfilling humanity’s mission. Free will is in us and only us, the captain ship of this planet we all reside on and our future depends on our ability to find the right course for the heart. This work is the most important that any of us has to do during our lives and if you conclude that every action can be a spiritual one, then the ease of finding spirit prevails.

Making Life Work

Making life work is far easier that most of us know. There are three principals that govern our lives: physical, emotional and mental/spiritual.

First, consider the physical principle, which is quite easy to describe since it is solidly visible and largely understood. Underneath the heading of the physical, there are three basic subcategories:

  1. Cell structure — which is not only the billions of tiny round objects floating through you, but also the outer surface of your skin and everything you see and know inside.
  2. The fuel, or food of these cells and tissues. Under this subhead there are six basic foods: oxygen, water, food we eat and drink, sunlight, exercise (aerobic and resistant) and rest.
  3. The third physical principle (generally placed incorrectly under the emotions) includes negative influences such as fear, anger and hatred. All of these affect bodily function in that their absence brings health or their presence permits the harboring of disease. When you synthesize only the positive aspects of the physical in your life and put forth your utmost commitment to all of these basic necessities, your body will be your friend.
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Making Life Work

The second principle of life is the emotional. Your whole person reacts to all that you experience based on your understanding of self and others. From our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders, we have heard that there is some wondrous plateau we can reach where our life comes into total balance. This is truly a lovely thought but not the truth of life. Parents who are consciously in tune would explain to you that all there is in life is change, and that those people who learn to change gracefully are the most successful and emotionally balanced.

The logic in not trying to prevent change came to me any years ago when I went on a sabbatical in southern Oregon. In the summer when it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the local people taught me to jump in the river and totally relax my body so that I could float with and through nature. After many attempts, my body, rigid with fear, finally returned to its normal state. Floating then gave me a magical connection to God’s earth, heightened my senses and brought me to a true sense of the poser of the spirit. On the self third river float, feeling more calm and conscious than ever in my life, I turned for one second against the river and instantly founds myself desperately struggling to avoid drowning. When I finally managed to drag myself to the shore, I had learned a new lesson. Rivers are like life. Most of us are not wise enough to relax and go with it. To fight against the river is to be overwhelmed by its power. When we fight against the natural flow of life, this is when we become spiritually and emotionally sick. Getting in tune with your emotions is not about you controlling what happens, but more about you giving to God.

Making Life Work

Hippocrates Health Institute

Third — are the mental and spiritual elements that make life work. They are your understanding of God and how you relate to the Higher in your life. The marriage of spirituality into your every thought will eliminate your failures and gently mold a life of peaceful strength. Abstaining from your spirit is your greatest loss and yet many people work very hard to ignore or disavow this divine energy that is within each of our souls.Spirit is the place where your credibility will be challenged. Clear and defined questions come to mind when accepting your spiritual aspect. Most relevant is the question, “Are you willing to give your life to God?” We are not suggesting that you have to become a crusader. The inner surrender to the Higher is enough. This quiet and profound act will allow the power to go beyond your basic physical capabilities.

Not so long ago, I visited with a friend who confided that for many years he had dreamed of doing fine woodwork but he never felt he had enough artistic ability. Finally, he realized that when he had blockages in other areas of his life he would call upon God for help. Whenever this was done with true earnestness, he would achieve his goal. Off he went carving and cutting and proceeding with faith. Well into the story I stopped him and asked if he had achieved his goal. He laughed and said, “You’re sitting in it right now!” What a comfortable, artistic chair.

The laws of existence always work when we surrender to spirit, let go of our blockages, smooth out emotions and fuel our body with all the necessary nutrients and actions. Struggle comes when these primary aspects are ignored or only partially dealt with. You may feel that you can go on without acknowledging these elements, yet it has been proven countless times that it is not possible. The laws of existence, formulated at the beginning of life, like the flow of the river, direct us unerringly to our greatest fulfillment.